Research Aerospace Design

The Research Aerospace Design program, otherwise known as RAD, was started in August 2018 with the explicit goal to provide 24 selected members with valuable team experience and to introduce them to basic aerodynamics, structures, and functional avionic concepts. RAD is a two-semester long program, with a 4-hour weekly workshop. Our goal is to train the next generation of aerospace engineers and to train members as freshmen and sophomores, so they can effectively compete in Design Build Fly, Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering, and Drone Racing.  

Fall Semester



Day 1: Introduction to Aerospace

Day 2: Introduction to Electronics

Day 3: 3D Modeling & Printing

Day 4: Aerodynamics

Day 5: Structural Analysis

Day 6:  RC Project 1

Day 7:  RC Project 2

Day 8:  RC Project 3

Day 9:  RC Project 4

Day 10: Flight Test Day

Reference Used: "Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach by Daniel P. Raymer" and "Introduction to Flight by John Anderson".

Spring Semester

Astronautics & Drone Racing


Day 1: Introduction to Rocketry

Day 2: Structural Loads on Rockets

Day 3: Aerodynamic Loads on Rockets

Day 4: Simulating a Model Rocket

Day 5: Rocket Project 1

Day 6: Rocket Project 2

Day 7: Rocket Launch Day

Day 8: Introduction to Drone Racing

Day 9: Drone Electronics

Day 10: Training in the Simulator

Reference Used: "Handbook of Model Rocketry, 7th Edition" and The Drone Racing League Simulator.

Long Le

About me: I love learning new (technical) things and figuring out how stuff works. I'm interested in all things engineering, especially things that move (macroscopically). I like listening to music, playing chess, or doing both at the same time. I'm passionate about Robotics, Aerospace, and Hardware Engineering.


Interest in Aerospace: Aerial Robotics, Aviation Structures, and Aerodynamics


Dream Job/Company: An ideal career path I visualize for myself is that after spending 3-6 years in the industry, I’d want to go to graduate school for a Master’s degree in either MBA, Robotics, or Computer Science, depending on my interests by the time. At the peak of my career I want to eventually become an Engineering Manager (Boston Dynamics is my ultimate dream company) and own a business at the same time

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Rohit Gattamaraju

About Me: Currently a Senior Mechanical Engineering student at UT Dallas, the Project Manager of The Design Build Fly Competition, and President of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Big fan of turbine engines and wind turbines. 

Interest in Aerospace: Dreams of working with The Boeing Company as an aerodynamic engineer. 

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