Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics

WoAA's mission is to increase diversity in the aerospace field, primarily focusing on university students. We feel that our partnership with students from schools all over the nation, as well as with AIAA, can help us empower as many women as possible, while also providing networking, outreach, and technical development opportunities to everyone that is interested in supporting WoAA's mission.

Mariana Huerta

About Me: Catch me thinking about the flight patterns of pollinators

Interest in Aerospace: Renewables


Hobbies: Yoga, music, hiking

Dream Job/Company: My own

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Jennifer Kerner

About Me: I spend a lot of my free time reading, usually sci-fi (I’ve probably read Ender’s Game ten times). I also enjoy writing, dancing, and attempting to play the piano. Space is just something I’m really passionate about. To put it in a nutshell: I have five dogs, a love for physics, and a goal to see the earth from space one day. 


Interest in Aerospace: Interplanetary travel. I want to live on Mars (seriously!) but I happen to like my bones, so I will settle for studying about it instead.


Dream Company: NASA. It’s just a company we all grew up knowing about, and I think it would be amazing to be a part of.

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2019-2020 WoAA Captains

Fall Semester

Securing an Aerospace Job


  • Setting goals 9.23

  • Resume building 10.7

  • Interviews 10.21

  • Applications 11.4

  • Post-undergrad 11.18

Spring Semester

Work Expectations and Life Balance


  • Workplace Stereotyping and Harassment 1.27

  • Discrimination 2.10


  • Family Building 3.9

Spring Break

  • Work-Life Balance 3.30

  • TBD 4.13

  • Final Thoughts 4.27

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